Plate or appliance with piston spring screw

Elements: According to the planned design
Function: Single tooth movement in labial direction
Description: The punctual contact point of this screw moves the tooth around its axis
  The assembly screw is first screwed into the prepared nut until the tip exposes 0.5 mm. On the point of force application on the tooth, a drop of wax is placed. The screw and the nut have to be heated slightly, pressed onto the wax and positioned in the desired direction.  
  The acrylic is scattered as usual. Before finishing the appliance, the assembly screw is unscrewed. Possible acrylic or polishing residues are removed and the desired piston spring screw is screwed in. The resilient pin of the screw should only emerge slightly out of the nut.  
  The piston spring screw is activated with a small screwdriver. There are three different screw lengths (4/6/8 mm) therefore a labial movement up to 7 mm can be achieved.  
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