The Roberts retractor

Elements: Labial arch 0.6 mm spring hard, Adams clasp 0.7 mm hard
Function: Retraction of the incisors
Description: Simple appliance for the retraction of incisors
  The special part of this appliance is the labial arch. To enhance the transversal mesial tags of the labial arch, small tubes or the needle of a syringe of corresponding size are pulled over the wire. This way the thinner active part of the labial arch, with additional loops in the U-loops, can serve specifically as an active element.  
  If the labial arch is bent almost completely only resting the retentions, the tubes are pulled over the wire, and with the enforcement in place, the retentions are bent. The tubes start from the loop to the beginning of the retention.  
  The transversal screw activates the labial bow automatically.  
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