The Roberts retractor as bite jumping appliance

Elements: Labial bow 0.6 mm spring hard, Adams clasp 0.7 mm hard
Function: Mandibular advancement
Description: The addition of an inclined plane into the acrylic base results in a mandibular advancement
  The maxillary elements are fixed as usual. A transversal split screw can be added into the dorsal part of the acrylic base if desired.  
  The acrylic base of the upper plate is extended into the lower jaw. The base plate is designed as an inclined plane. The lower inclined plane lies behind the mandibular incisors and causes the advancement of the entire mandible.  
  The bimaxillar effectiveness can be appreciated in a lateral view:
- Retrusion of the upper incisors because of the labial arch
- Advancement of the mandible because of the inclined plane.
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